Happy Tenth Anniversary, WordPress!

Today, WordPress celebrates its tenth anniversary and we wanted to take a moment to congratulate them. Ten years is a hefty amount of time by any standard—to put it in web terms, WordPress is older than Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and of course Envato.

It was Christmas day of 2006 when I set up my very first WordPress install. I had a slightly early New Year’s resolution to try out blogging, and I can remember excitedly realising just how easy it was to get started

Collis Ta’eed – Envato Founder & CEO

Now Hiring – Growth Team

At Envato our mission is to help people to earn and to learn, online. We’re a young online company, internationally known in our market. Our marketplaces have millions of members who buy and sell digital goods and a network of educational blogs where millions learn creative skills.

Passion for the Envato community, buyers, authors, and staff alike Solid commercial instincts that will help you make fast, accurate decisions Experience consulting and communicating with diverse groups of people across a business Experience using web analytics insights and SEO knowledge to drive new items forward

Congratulations once again and keep an eye out for future Envato’s Most Wanted events across all our Marketplaces!